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man. After cheating the father Trho begot you and him who
adopted yon, you are bound to prosper. Already you are &
great devotee. You do not recoil from treachery against your
father and teacher; nor have you any hesitation (to commit
these crimes). You have acquired great renown. "What is
the use of my efforts hereafter ? All my army is destroyed ; it
,is lying dead on the battle-field; I trusted yon. c ^isidering
you to be my son, and believed that yon would not deceive
me ; but yon have turned out to be a man without honour, and
cheated me. Well, it has taken place somehow. As you are
my son, do not let me fall into the hands of the enemy and
be beheaded, but shoot my head off with our own cannon
yourself. You and your posterity will be possessed of fortune
henceforth. (Your family had been exercising sovereignly
for generations. Your ancestors) have been hostile even
to aheir parents, teachers and (rod. They were born as
fortunate men! Yon have united the whole kingdom. What
can be done hereafter ? Yon have realised your desires. My
efforts are vain. As the time ot mv death has approached no
useful purpose is served by talking further.'*

(Ram it raja) put on Ids head t: valuable cap adorned with
a ruby,* covered Limsc-lr witL a >Lu~l embioidered with
tiower pattern, and oafered prayer to G .*«!. Then, having called
Yadnla Sfalia to his presence), he suid: ; hi as much as you are
my son. do not surrender me to tlie enemy ; but cut my head
oif at one stroke with a sword yourself, and let there be no
need for a second/'t Then having adjured (Yadnla Saha)
on an oath, he bezan to think of his Grod once I again'. All!
Yadula Saha came and stood before Rajnbhuvara), and taking
a cannon.J he shot away the hfcad of Kajahhiivara. The three
, Padusahas were immensely delighted when they heard this
news. Then the entire Karuatuka army was looted, and put

* ' Dre^sd Mm'.elf in a blaci habit*.—/.0.JT., p. 208.
f * Or employing otker^ to do it \—LO .T/., p. 205-
% 'He took & %word in hb own fe&nd it ruck off the h*a.d   of
/.a jr., p. 209.